A Modern Antique

When I received the call concerning this entertainment center, I was excited about the challenge of building a new piece to look as though it were built a century ago. After meeting with the potential clients for a couple of hours, I felt like I had a good idea of what they wanted, and began to spend some time thinking about this exciting piece of furniture.

They wanted a modern entertainment center to accomodate a new 36" tv, as well as a complete home entertainment system. We chose to build this fine piece out of century-old sinker cypress lumber. There are over 200 board feet of this lumber in this piece. There is no plywood or particle board anywhere in the piece. The piece is entirely solid lumber--including the drawer bottoms--just like the craftsmen did it years ago. The finish is three coats of antique oil finish, with two coats of paste wax on top. I turned the bunn feet myself, as I wasn't able to find anything suitable to match the sinker cypress lumber. I had a friend create the rope moulding out of lumber I sent him. The rope moulding is the crowning touch to this wonderful piece of furniture.

Much of the lumber used to build this piece was in excess of 16" wide--some boards were as much as 22" wide. The door panels are two boards cut consecutively from the tree. Although the pictures don't really show it well, the doors are almost perfectly bookmatched. The side panels are not "glue-ups", but are one board.

The craftsmanship of this piece must be seen to be fully appreciated. The solid back is screwed on because nail guns weren't in use one hundred years ago. The drawers ride on solid wood slides that move freely because of a liberal coat of paraffin--just like the real antiques. The brass hardware is solid brass, and really complements the patina of this fine wood.

If you've been considering an entertainment center, give me a call. I can make your dreams become reality for a cost that might surprise you. Give Byron W. Clinkingbeard the opportunity to make you a satisfied client.

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