A custom 3-pc entertainment center

When I got the call about this entertainment center, the clients had never met me, and really didn't know what they wanted. After we talked about their wants and needs, we began to discuss their choice of wood and finish. When we started, they mentioned red oak or ash. But when they saw the beauty of the sinker cypress, there was no doubt. They told me that they wanted to house a new 36" television, new hi-fi vcr, and new surround sound system. Along with the equipment, they wanted plenty of room for videotapes and cd's.

What we came up with was this 3pc concept. The speaker stands which flank the entertainment center contain storage space. The unit on the left has three drawers, perfectly sized for VHS videotapes. The unit on the right has two shelves for storage of whatever they want to put in there. The two drawers in the bottom of the center unit are sized for compact discs.

The challenge of this unit was the combination of a 36" television weighing well over 200 pounds and the client's desire for pocket doors both top and bottom of the center unit. The entire fronts of the flanking speaker stands are hinged to open up maximum storage space. They are deceptive in looks, because they look like an inset door in a face frame. However, the entire fronts are hinged on hidden euro-style hinges.

I specialize in making the customer happy. I'd love to sit down with you and discuss your wants and needs in a custom entertainment center. I'm confident that we can design and provide you with something that will make you very proud to own. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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