A Magnificent Entry

I enjoy making a difference in people's homes that will remain an eye-pleasing addition for many years to come. When I began to discuss a new door unit with these clients, we talked about several different options. They definately wanted leaded glass. They liked the brass look, but were concerned about tarnishing. This leaded glass is encased in a sealed insulated glass unit. There are actually three layers of glass in this unit. It required four men to unload it and place it in this opening!! We discussed several different types of wood, and finally settled on this mahogany, which is stunning in its beauty. After getting it placed in the opening, I made sure that it was level, plumb, and operating as it should; and then began the task of securing it in the opening. After getting it secured in the opening, I began the finishing process. After painstakingly mixing several stains to get just the perfect color that the client wanted, I carefully stained the exterior of the unit, and then applied three coats of Spar Polyurethane Varnish, carefully sanding between coats to insure a smooth and beautiful finish which would last for years. I also made sure to eliminate any air infiltration into the home around the door unit with careful caulking. I bored the door for the new lockset and deadbolt, and installed this hardware to complete a stunningly beautiful entry to this fine home. Now, it was time to turn my attention to the interior.


I did a total makeover of the foyer area just inside this magnificent door. I scraped the acoustical treatment off of the ceiling, and painted the ceiling with a semi-gloss off-white paint, added crown molding, added a new light fixture, added library paneling, and oak flooring. I was unable to find mahogany molding to properly grace this door, so I was able to make it. All of the fluted casing, plinth blocks, dentil molding, and crown were made in my shop. I wanted to make sure that the color of the interior of the door perfectly matched the hardwood floor, which it does. After talking at length with the homeowners, I felt that I had a good grasp of just what they wanted. The interior of the door was stained and finished with three coats of satin polyurethane. I can add a new front entry door to your home which can make a tremendous improvement in your home's "curb appeal". Just give me a call, and we'll sit down and discuss just what you have in mind. I know you'll be delighted with the results!

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