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So, after looking my website over, you think you might want to work with me on your next project. Let me tell you about how I handle the financial details.


After talking with you about your desires and dreams, and obtaining some basic measurements, I will figure a free estimate. This estimate will be as accurate as possible based on our conversations to this point.


If the estimate is satisfactory, we move to the design phase. I charge a design deposit of $250 for a kitchen or $350 for an entire house. This design service is actually at no charge when I build your cabinetry, and will be reflected as a credit against the final payment. I will spend as much time as needed to assure that your desires are reflected in the design of your project. We’ll exchange emails back and forth after I’ve sent you computer generated drawings. We’ll work out the details until you see just what you want.


After we’ve nailed down the details and gotten the final drawings, I can provide you with a firm proposal which reflects the final design details. This is a bottom line, down-to-the-penny proposal outlining exactly what you can expect in your cabinets. At that time, a deposit of 50% of the total job cost is due to begin construction. The balance (50% less the design deposit) is due upon completion of installation.


I’ve been asked why I require the design fee and why I require a deposit. I’ll address those two items right here.


Design Fee 

It is not uncommon to spend several weeks on some jobs just to nail down the design. I spend a great deal of time and energy on that design. When you pay the design fee, the drawings are yours to do with as you please. I’ve had a couple of occasions (before I began to charge the fee) where I spent a great deal of time on the drawings which were emailed to the prospective client. After several weeks in the design process, the clients told me they needed their cabinets in about 2 weeks and would have to find another cabinet builder if I couldn’t meet their deadlines. I told them that I couldn’t meet that deadline. They took my drawings to the next guy and he started building cabinets immediately because they knew exactly what they wanted and had the drawings to give him. The way I handle it now, the drawings are yours to do with as you wish, and I have no problem if you want to take the drawings to another cabinet builder. After all, they are yours!


50% Deposit

I require a deposit of 50% to begin construction of all projects. If you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot to special order factory-made cabinets, they require full payment before they’ll even order them for you. Any project I build for you is custom built for you–not a factory built cabinet that could be sold to the next customer. They require full payment, I just require half up front with the balance payable upon completion of installation.



Give me a call at 225-938-8760 and let’s get together on your next project!      




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